Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Things to know about motherhood

  1. There will be days that you just want to cry and that is ok
  2. Baby poo can travel all the way up the back
  3. A baby on the 7 pm to 7 am sleep routine will never be yours
  4. Toddlers hate washing their hair their screams can be heard all the way down the street
  5. Toddlers like to be held even though they weigh 22 kgs
  6. Sleeping in, means getting out of bed at 7 am
  7. Sleeping through the night means more than four hours sleep 
  8. Walking barefoot during toilet training or baby weaning is not a good idea
  9. There are no more private moments in the bathroom
  10. If you have nowhere to go, getting dressed in the morning is an achievement
  11. If you’re an older parent, it’s unlikely you will ever get your pre baby body back without the help of a personal trainer and dietitian. Just let it go. Really, let it go
  12. Cutting baby or toddler nails is bloody hard 
  13. Toddlers don’t care if they can’t color in between the lines, why should you?
  14. A toddler can't differentiate between a toaster and a dvd player
  15. Going to a restaurant with children is as stressful as attending a job interview
  16. Staying up late for you now means up till 10.30 pm
  17. Shopping with your children is a nightmare. Do it online
  18. Co sleeping is lovely but kills your sex life

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  1. Very very funny, yet so true. I am enjoying reading your blogs xx

    1. Thanks Wendy. You however luckily cannot relate to number 3! xxx

  2. Yes x18. The stuff NO ONE warns you about!