Monday, 27 January 2014

Run baby run

I recently had a night out on the town without Mr. Right and the ankle biters (AB’s).  The 30 September 2013 was a great night it was the first time I went out and stayed out past midnight.

Below is how this Cinderella achieved the impossible. An uninterrupted night out on the town. I expect to go out again this year. It’s good to have goals and dreams.

  • The day of the outing, tire the AB’s out. And I mean really tire them out. This has two benefits. 1. In exhausting the ABs, they may stay asleep all night so the likelihood of you getting that middle of the night panic call to come home is substantially reduced. 2. In having an active day, it may take the edge off you. You won’t look like ‘mummy on the town’ you just won’t have the energy to look as though you are having a good time. You either will have a good time, or you won’t. 
  • Prepare your outfit a few nights before the big night.  Prepare every detail and be happy with it. Last minute panic changes on the night risk waking AB’s. 
  • Say good bye to your Mr. or Ms. Right before getting changed.  Once changed, get out that front door and run. Run baby run and run FAST. Don’t look back. Don't feel guilty.  Create a good distance between you and your home before you check your phone. Reduce the chances of a change of heart or a Mr. / Mrs Right not a real emergency panic call.
  • AB’s are clever. They will know something is up.  Fool them is by wearing your selected outfit around the house a few days before the big night out.  If they wake up that night, and you are there to comfort them in your glam outfit, they will fall back asleep quickly. They will develop a false sense of security so it’s unlikely they will wake up on the big night out. 
  • Don’t introduce AB’s to new scents on the night of your outing. Apply perfume / hair product when you have left the property. 
  • Prepare for every wake up scenario possible.  In AB’s room, put out the following:

    Clean sheets, pyjamas, water, milk (long life works – get the AB used to the taste prior to the evening out), bottle warmer, nappy, wet wipes, cream, antibacterial hand gel (so Mr. Right doesn’t have to leave the room), pyjamas for Mr. or Mrs. Right, a potty (for either the AB or Mr. / Mrs. Right and a snack for Mr. / Mrs. Right – it could be a long night. 
  • In negotiating a night out, remember to include the right to sleep in the next day. You may need the morning to recover / call people to find out what happened or if you need to, spend the morning on the phone apologising.  
  • Don’t pressure Mr /Ms Right to call you if they need help. Holding one or two crying AB’s and trying to make a call is difficult and stressful.
  • Ask Mr / Mrs Right to leave the front door unlocked that night. Best to risk security for one night, than have the AB’s wake up to the sound of keys rattling and you stumbling your way in through the front door. If they refuse, put a blanket in the car and sleep there.  
  • Prepare next day activities / play date in advance, something low key for you, but high energy for the AB's. This will help getting you all to bed and staying in bed early.
  • Even if you are having a terrible time, stay out as late as possible. Going home early sets a precedent for next year’s outing. Get Mr. / Mrs. Right used to you being out as late as possible.

And there you have it. Enjoy your night out.

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