Saturday, 18 January 2014

Mr. Lucky

I am often asked how Mr. Lucky got his name.  Well,

Before marriage and children, he was carefree, funny, loving and relaxed.   While still generally well natured and balanced, good things and often great things (and I don’t mean me) happen to him…..

  • He will go out for a walk and come back with a new job.
  • He will go out for a drink and come back smiling and giggling after having had one too many and tell me he met a great group of people who piled him with drinks. They’re now solid friends.
  • He was born into an enormous family who I call the Brady’s as they are loving, happy, supportive and genuinely nice people – no skeletons there.
  • His mother loves him unconditionally – and I mean unconditionally.
  • His sister’s think he walks on water (this explains why he never did household chores and most likely had his sisters wash his feet and dry them with their hair).
  • Just when he starts to worry about money, he finds a huge stash in an old pair of jeans or wins the lottery.
  • He will ‘diet’ for a day and look as though he has lost about 20 kgs
  • He is fortunate not to have a pillow smother him while he sleeps to drown out his snoring.
  • He is lucky I didn't throw my mug of hot coffee over him when he told me he wasn't competing but was going to set up a blog called 'Daddyfried'.
  •  He will go out all night, or be up all night and look nice and fresh the next day.

So I call him Mr. Lucky.  Hopefully after reading this blog, he will be pleased that he got a mention and feel sufficiently loved up to rub my back and pick up the baby when she cries at 4 am.

On a rare occasion I call him Mr. Checked Out.  He is there but not really. He blames this on sleep deprivation. I can only imagine how his snoring, and tending to the children’s midnight crying exhausts him.

It’s during his Mr. Checked out phase that I find the right answers to:

  • Extending our budget to allow for more clothes
  • Going on holiday to visit my family (they’re not the Brady’s, more like Halloween mixed with a touch of Saw, and every subsequent sequel)
  • Disciplining the children
  • Asking if he would let me lie in for the next three days while he manages the children

Hopefully he will have stopped reading before I began to describe him as Mr. Checked Out so that the back rubs continue.

This blog is the result of Lisa Lintern's blog a day challenge visit Melodramatic Me for more information.

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