Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Mummyfried. Really.

SO, I thought when I read Lisa’s call for a challenge, why not?  I can do it. I manically set about building a blog site, throwing up my stories and making room for more to come. Easy peasy.

I can do it in one night I think. Reminiscent of my university days of pulling an ‘all-nighter’ – the difference, I refused to accept that the children and my insomnia (attention to detail) would cause delay.

I have built websites before, I have consulted to Board Members and Partners regarding blogs and social media. I am a pro, I know what it takes.  

The all-nighter turned into a four night all-nighter. I have spent the last few nights dealing with the baby’s attempts to turn night into day. She thinks I love it when she howls almost all night. Once she is awake, Little Miss wakes up. Little Miss (also known as Little Miss Relevance Deprivation) starts to howl also wanting cuddles and milk.  Somewhere between the two, I have worked on this blogsite.

Sleep deprivation coupled with a four night all-nighter has resulted in ERROR ERROR ERROR.

It took me two hours to work out that the reason why I couldn’t use the URL I had selected is because I had set the blog up incorrectly.

I then realised I had uploaded old drafts, rather than final stories – so typo’s where everywhere and probably still are there. I can’t turn off the American spell check, and am manually changing z’s to s’s.

I couldn’t decide on a template... and am still struggling to amend the blasted links. They look awful, I know.

Then there is my profile. In my sleep deprived state, I still can’t work out how to make the ‘look and feel’ match my blog templates.

I then realised, this is supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to take me away from living and playing with Mr. Right and the kids (and let’s not talk about the housework).

Like a foodie that cares more about taste rather than whether the garnish is on the right side, I have thrown what I have together and pray you will be gentle as I work on presentation and detail when baby learns to sleep through the night and after I have had a decent play with my girls and spent some time with Mr. Right. 

I am fried. Well, Mummyfried. Here it is…

This blog is an attempt to keep up with Lisa Lintern's blog a day challenge.
Melodramatic Me

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  1. Mummyfried - you have made my day. I'm so glad you are giving it a crack. Definitely no judgement (or fear of being judged) allowed. It's about just bashing it out. Love your work. xo