Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Black is black

Each morning I stand in front of my wardrobe and sigh. What to wear? While my choices are extremely limited, I can easily stand there frozen in time for hours.

I simply can't decide. Black or black?

Nine months after baby number two, I don't have my pre baby body back (to be honest I never got it back after baby number one). My enormous size for both pregnancies is a blog for another day. But - to give you an idea - I was weighed the day I was to have baby number two, and the day after having number two and there was a 20 kilo difference.

I am still in my pyjamas as I type. My dilemma is worsened by the following:

1. Post baby body (already addressed)
2. Limited wardrobe. We came to Greece for a four month summer holiday. We decided to extend our stay. My winter clothes are in storage in London. The other half of my black wardrobe is in Australia at my parent's. I have largely forgotten about that wardrobe. We moved to London for a year. We stayed in London close to a decade. On a really low day - I mourn those clothes as well even though I know I won't fit into them ever again.
3.Greek women, financial crisis or not - are always well kept, immaculately groomed and dressed. There is no such thing as the distressed look here. They always make me feel sloppy.
4. Once I have worked out what I have worn, I then stand in front of the girls wardrobe to spend hours trying to work out what they will wear.

By the time I have decided, its time for siesta. Something we don't do  but everyone else does. We then go out and it's like visiting a ghost town. Everything in this seaside suburb is shut.

All that effort to make us look presentable - and nobody around to see us. Yes yes, of course my comfort and confidence should come from within,  but ladies please understand, I am having yet another fat, sick of black clothes bad day.

A good friend once helped me resolve this issue. It takes discipline and I swear I will it as she suggested once a week as opposed to whenever I get round to it.

She looks up the weather forecast for the week. She then plans what she is going to wear for each day. She creates a back up outfit just in case she is not in the mood for the outfit she originally selected. It works.

So, am logging off and instead of selecting something to wear, I will prepare my plan for the rest of the week. It's close to siesta now anyhow - so pointless even thinking about getting dressed. All this typing and thinking is tiring. I may need a lie down.

This blog is an attempt to keep up with Lisa Lintern's blog a day challenge.
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  1. Fantastic! After living in Spain for a year after my first, I know how this feels...