Why Blog?

I love to write. I write constantly whether for work or play. It’s my drug of choice and thankfully not illegal. As a little girl I used to write and tell stories, sometimes fiction, sometimes and nonfiction. I have come full circle, and picked up writing for enjoyment again. 

Story telling has always been a part of me.

Blogging allows me to release ideas or experiences that dance around in my mind for days.

Writing about the mundane, all things associated with life and motherhood empowers me. Writing allows me to own it, and work it. This ensures that being a mum does not own me (though most days it feels that way). Other mums can probably relate, which is why some deliberately bore their friends and anyone else that has to listen to tears (including me) about which fabric softener they use. 

Deep down, they know they’re boring, but discussions on / around domestic chores identify loyal friends. The ones that listen attentively to the story are friends. They have understood the code, they form the real sisterhood.

I also blog about experiences, products or services I have used in my important role of mum. No brand or product is safe. I provide honest, upfront opinion.   I will advise readers when I have been asked to review something, or when I am just reviewing it as a consumer or user.

Wearing my professional hat – a one off experience with a product or service can often determine its usability or sale ability.   As an everyday consumer, I like to hear about the everyday people’s opinion. I read others opinion on products and services and this helps in my decision making and selection. 

Like the fellow in Pulp's song who meets the wealthy girl from Greece, I am a common person and live like many common people.  Hopefully my writing or opinion isn't common.

So, back to why I blog, in my sleep deprived state I try to provide entertainment if not to myself, but to you..

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