Who am I

I can be found in the kitchen, eating, not cooking.

I am mother to two adorable girls who thankfully have not yet realised I have no idea what I am doing.  

So far, they are alive, fed, and clean and for now appear happy and relatively well balanced. Most days, they even wear ironed clothes, so in my own mother’s book, they’re better than ok. 

Yes its early days.  I have only been slogging away at this motherhood gig for almost 4 years. These two cute ankle biters are the air I breathe. They are my world and I am thankful and honored that they are in my life and that they chose me.

I am wife to a very, and I mean very patient man who believes men and women are equal. He believes I can take it when he beats me to a pulp for the coveted position of President of our girl’s fan club. Oh lovely people, who don’t like wife beaters, relax, I can take it, he rarely wins.

You will find I often refer to him in my blogs as Mr. Right.  Yes, yes of course he is right for me and I love him blah blah blah… he wins this title sadly and most frustratingly because he is often right.  I did think to call him Mr. Cocky, because that is often the end result of being right, but then I could be accused of writing suggestively, and I wouldn’t want that.

I like to think I am a citizen of the world.  I was born and raised in Australia by two dedicated loving Greek parents. I have lived in London for close to a decade and am now fortunate to be living in Greece by it's wonderful sea. I am in Greece and if you can throw any work my way - it will be a permanent move. Like many people who have lived in different countries and have enjoyed the experience, my love for each country oscillates. New York can easily become my fourth city of choice, if you are prepared to sponsor me. 

When I do paid work, I am a marketing communications, business and member development professional. Feedback and evidence suggest I am pretty good at my job. I also blog. Mummyfried is my personal fun blogspot. 

My aim?  To be thin, tall and blonde. To be a fun mum who brings a smile to my girls face. To encourage them to follow their dreams and to never give up. To stop testing the patience of my husband and make him smile, not frown when he hears my voice. To be paid to write.

Words move me the way a great tune makes you tap your toe, sing or dance. A story stays with me – taking me on an exciting adventure.  I love the written word, to me its art; each word is a brush stroke on a canvas painting an image so breathtaking that you just can’t stop staring.

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