Getting in touch – the 3 if’s.

1. If you would like me to write about a topic please let me know. I love a good lead (no, am not lazy, I am sleep deprived) and be forewarned, I tell my readers that I have been paid (hint hint) OR provided a freebie (car and furnished mortgage free home in Greece, London or New York in my name would be lovely).

I will provide honest and open opinion. But note, it is my opinion my experience only. You can make up your mind whether you agree.

As many of my single 40 something year old friends say, ‘Call me!’

2. If you want me to do some serious business development, marketing or written work for you or your organisation as a paid consultant / freelancer, again, ‘Call me!’

Further information about my skills, experiences and offerings are available on request. Please email me and I will forward my professional bio.

3. If you want to comment on a piece and or share a thought, advice or feedback – please do.
 Apologies if I do not respond to all comments.

When I mean 'Call Me' I do mean, email me.

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