Tuesday, 6 February 2018


Today I heard a saying to describe somebody that does nothing, who is lazy.  The saying is in Greek, but easily translatable. 

They say ‘he/ she is flying a kite’   The hand action for flying a kite often accompanies the saying.  I couldn’t help but giggle.

The individual my friends were referring to often is also described as an employee ‘scratching themselves’– another saying that means, doing nothing.

It’s a funny description but an awful perception to have of someone. Or is it I wonder?  I turned to look at this individual who seemed relatively content, happy, relaxed.

My two ‘rays of light’ combined with juggling a fulltime job I like (though at times mundane), additional consulting work, play dates, attempts to exercise, cook and clean house leaves me with little time for kite flying.

I have forgotten what it’s like. Would I think more creatively, or would my mind be blank, empty, rested? Would I be more passionate or less?

One thing is for certain – it would not be exhausted. This kite flying and scratching deal doesn’t sound too bad.  

To me, I hear, see, feel and breathe calm.

What about you?

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