Friday, 2 February 2018

Another year and its only the beginning

Another year passed and then another - and here we are.

An accomplishment in reflection. The recent years have been a very bumpy uncomfortable ride. I haven't had the luxury 4WD to navigate my way through it smoothly. My beat up little car that stalls and rolls backward on hills, that sounds perpetually out of breath is just that. Out of breath.

Throughout the hardship - and I mean American TV soap opera drama I have looked at my two little rays of light. 

The two little beings that breathe air into my lungs, who make me throw back my head and laugh wholeheartedly and who make me forget all my woes and remind me that life is for adventure, cuddles, giggles, and love and I am thankful and finally inspired.

I am back. Not in full, but in part. Peeping out and waving madly around the army of boring routine, work, bills, stress and consistent ball juggling.  Can you see me? If no, never mind. I am writing for a tiny little audience this My public declaration to myself, I can do it. It's for me.  I enjoy the process, it gives me a break. It makes me think, feel, celebrate, laugh and reflect. It's my version of visiting health spa and why not?

If anyone wants to come along for the ride, it's free, untargeted and hopefully fun. 

Stay tuned..or not. Your call.

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