Thursday, 2 April 2015

Missing in very serious and important action

Since 1 January 2015 and perhaps a little before then, I have been missing in action (MIA). Aside from close friends, Mr Lucky and the ankle biters noticing, my MIA status suggests the following state of play:

1. Every one else has started the new year with much gusto and madness and they haven't had time to notice I am missing. Let's face it,  2015 to date has been operating on warp speed - I haven't had time to notice if anyone else is missing too.
2. My stats regarding my readership or followers are incorrect - nobody reads my blog.  I don't really want to explore this further but there is an ever so slight suggestion (I really hope not) that my blogs are.... floating in dead, unread, uninteresting space in the WebSphere.

In January I submitted a public service contract role application and got the job. The job, while mostly in English, requires Greek. This, like my readership statistics is a challenge and requires some attention.

Also since January I:
  • Packed up and moved South
  • Shipped my stuff over from London that has been in storage for close to two years
  • Unpacked it all, then gave most of it away as it was no longer needed
  • Found a new school, doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant etc
  • Registered as a freelancer so I could do the job and get paid  
  • Work a minimum of 12 hour days then come home and work off work with housework
  • Somewhere I manage to bathe the girls, shower, eat (well I always make time for that) and try to relax.
Did I mention I started work three days into our move interstate? We hadn't yet moved into our new home and were enjoying the comforts of a lovely, clean, organised hotel.

Hence my delay in blogging, and explanation as to why I am up on a school night at 3 am- finally doing what I love to do, write.

So while I am super woman coordinator of the year,  a few more things stand out:
  •  I am consistently running on empty / low energy /low attention so need to prepare 'to do' lists to stay organised 
  • This freelance short term full time contract deal is not as empowering or as fun as I thought
  • I miss my girls
  • They miss me
  • I miss writing for fun
  • I don't think any one else misses my writing but I am too tired to notice
  • I have become blonde with a badly maintained regrowth and lets leave any other hair discussion just here at this full stop.
  • I am still not tall and certainly not thin
  • I really really miss my girls and Mr Lucky
  • My girls have grown and I am missing their minute by minute development
  • I marvel at other mums who manage to breeze through it all with good hair, humour, career progression and no guilt 
  • My memory at work stinks. I have an enormous workload, no different to what I  had before the ankle biters, I don't remember names or details and have to write everything down... but I can tell you what the girls are wearing today, what they will wear and eat tomorrow.

Ms MIA Mummyfried is not juggling career and family well, I know something has to give. Between January and now - that give has been me. I am trying to initiate a search and rescue mission for me and will then try to  strike a balance.

It's on my 'to do' list. A delayed 2015 resolution to return to blogging, despite my pitiful readership and writing.

Watch this space (please!).

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