Sunday, 8 June 2014

Nobody puts Baby in the corner

This is a blog of unconditional love. Even I have to roll my eyes and gag a little. So if you are at all like me, I urge you stop reading. Help me save the reputation of this blog site and please STOP.  Move  along, nothing to read, nothing to say.. MOVE ALONG I URGE YOU!

If you are at all on the soppy, 'water spurting out of your eyes at the drop of a hat' type, then by all means read on.....if I bring a tear to your eye then I may have just salvaged my reputation and this blog, and blog site.

I have been so caught up in the mundane and the day to day that an entire year has gone by since having the Baby and I feel cheated. 

Don't get me wrong. I have spent every waking hour and more often than not every half sleeping hour with her. I celebrate her existence with each and every breath but still, I feel cheated. 

She sleeps in her own room. She is almost walking. She has seven teeth. She wants to feed herself. We no longer sterilise or boil water. She dances to music, sends kisses, waves goodbye and hello.  She is no longer a baby.

She has the sweetest cry.  Sometimes I let her cry it out a little bit more because she looks so cute when she cries and the sound is music to my ears. 

We spent the first month of her life in hospital. She loved the plastic crib and somehow managed to rock herself to sleep in it.  The nurses warned me she would have trouble transitioning to her real cot. She didnt.

While desperate to get home to Little Miss and Mr Lucky, The Baby and I used that month to bond. We cuddled and talked and cried and laughed. We slept, we didnt care what time it was. We just hung out.  I have largely wiped the pain and suffering from that memory month. That month was special.

When we got home and Little Miss pulled out her drama costume to push, pinch, bite, or throw things in the cot all to the beat of the song 'What about Me.' But at the one year mark now, The Baby is a force to be reckoned with. 

She can cry for help and push out a tear in a second. She can do this so quickly that Little Miss hasn't  had an opportunity to transition from drama queen to doting big sister.

The Baby is a great eater. Like her parents she can almost swallow a steak in one gulp.  The rolls on her thighs, her protruding belly and big cheeks are constantly adorned with food, food parts or kisses. 

We've thrown sleep training out the window. She sleeps in her cot when she wants to but when she wants us, we comply. There is nothing, and I mean nothing like cuddling up to this warm bundle of sweetness at night (ok nothing until Little Miss insists on headlocking me into submission so our king size bed starts to feel a little cramped.

This smiling dimply bundle of joy has made herself a very much wanted, needed and enjoyed member of our now family of four. Its been an exhausting but fantastic year.  

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